Web Design Services

It’s simple, I design standard compliant websites that work for your business. All of my website designs are targeted toward the user, making it quick and easy to find what they are looking for. Each website I design is unique to you and I pay particular attention to search engine optimisation techniques. A well designed website should tick all of the following boxes;

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  • your website should make a good first impression
  • your visitors should be able to find what they want, fast
  • your main products should stand out on your website
  • search engine friendly
  • smartphone and mobile phone friendly
  • make it easy to contact you
  • have meaningful content


Advantages Of Using a Freelance Web Designer

Why should you choose a freelance web designer over one of the multitude of companies offering these services? There are many benefits in contracting a freelance designer, as opposed to a larger company;

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  • lower pricing passed to customer due to lower overheads
  • one point of contact, always dealing directly with the designer
  • one design at a time meaning all efforts devoted to your project
  • quick response to any problems presented by clients
  • website updates or amends are completed as requested, on time
  • I am passionate about my job, that is why I am a freelance designer



Looking for an eCommerce Website?


TimoService can setup a professional ecommerce website and online store to successfully launch your ecommerce business and steer your online business toward success.

Advantages of an eCommerce Website include;

  • selling 24/7 to a potential worldwide audience – you are always open for business
  • increase sales and establish new relationships with potential customers
  • new products available online for sale immediately
  • increase your companies brand and product awareness
  • increase sales while offering a complete and convenient service to your customers