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Hopefully we end up working together on your web project and I can help you succeed with your online goals. I am Software Engineer – Web Developer, I have worked online for more than 5 years. During this time I have worked with companies and organisations and many Churches, non-profit organizations and more. I possess more than 5 years of progressive experience in the Internet marketing and digital marketing field.

This 2020 I have decided to drop my pricing in order to help as many companies, organisations, churches and Individuals as I can get online at an affordable price. With the current climate and situation that we are all facing it is now more than ever that we need to help each other and I can do my part by helping companies, organization, churches succeed online

Working with me on your web project, does not just mean getting a professional website that cannot be found, but instead a website that grows with you, earns for you , and works along side you. Not to mention having a direct line to myself, and being able to feed of the advice and knowledge that I have acquired.

about us

A TimoService is a full service web design, web development, and social media marketing. We make the things for our clients. We work closely with clients to tell their stories. We design the aesthetics and interactions to engage audiences in meaningful ways. And we build organized digital infrastructures to support – and grow – along with the products, companies and people we work with.
  • Website from concept to complete design
  • Website for business, e-commerce, church, organisation, etc…
  • Web for Small business; Photograph, DJ, Reporter, online news, etc..
  • Web Master – We can master your website
  • A custom-designed website
  • Logo Design & redesign your website
  • Dozens of design concepts to explore
  • Full copyright and production ready files
  • Banner design, Poster Design, Leaflet Design, flyer
  • Church Card Design, Business card Design
  • Wedding Invitation Design, Birthday, Invitation Card Design
  • Turn your Website into an App
  • Create your own Web Radio
  • Video editing


We think your goal is our goal as well.

Nowadays everything is on internet, and It is always the wisest choice to invest in something after having being fully cleared of what meets your business needs, organization, church, ONG, E-commerce, online News, photograph, online reporter, writer or personal blog, etc… TimoService will help you achieving your goals.

With technological advancements, people have adopted websites as a tool to expand their business, organizations, churches and open new doors.

E-commerce in simple terms means businesses via electronic means. Meaning they are huge even huger with electronic networks such as the internet. Because anyone with access to the internet can develop e-commerce websites and participate in e-commerce businesses.

 Your goals: Online business, online Shop, church, organizations, photograph, politics, online news, online radio, All online services etc.



Dedicated and skilled team



Dedicated and skilled team

We design and develop Website and technology products and platforms that give you a distinct digital advantage. A digital design, development. We make things for our clients’ things. We are simple, clean, beautiful and easy to use.


Measure twice, cut once. Our process is an iterative and deliberate one. We start with investigating ideas, and then formulate possibilities for organizing and expressing them – until the best ones emerge. Those formulations grow into both structural and aesthetic sketches that, once perfected, serve as the cores of a projects design and infrastructure. The structural sketches (wireframes) merge together with the aesthetic sketches (logo, color scheme, fonts) as the basis for a static simulation of the project: mockups. Mockups perfected turn into an interactive and functional front-end. Dynamic elements and database form the back-end that ties everything together and empowers clients to manage projects after launch.

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    FOUNDER & Developer

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Student.

    July Wood

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    richy lace

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    Troy grey

    Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computing